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Alloy (Alloy pipe) is a kind of seamless steel tubes, its performance is much higher than of seamless steel tubes, because this steel tubes containing more Cr, its high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance than other seamless steel tube, alloy tube in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, boiler industry uses more extensive.
PD alloy tube for hydrogen and impurity.
Palladium tube purification hydrogen of principle is, in 300 – 500 ℃ Xia, put stay purification of hydrogen pass into Palladium tube of side Shi, hydrogen was adsorption in Palladium tube wall Shang, due to Palladium of 4d electronic layer missing two a electronic, it can and hydrogen generated not stable of chemical key (Palladium and hydrogen of this reaction is reversible of), in Palladium of role Xia, hydrogen was ionization for Proton its RADIUS for 1.5x1015m, and Palladium of lattice constants for 3.88x10-10m (20 ℃ Shi), so can through Palladium tube, In the presence of Palladium Proton combined with electronic and formation of hydrogen molecule again, escaping from the Palladium the other side. Palladium surface, not dissociated gases is proof, so Palladium tube can be used to obtain high purity hydrogen. Although unique to hydrogen permeability of Palladium, PD's poor mechanical properties, high temperature oxidation and recrystallization temperature low, Palladium tube can be easily deformed and brittle, it cannot be PD through the membrane. In Palladium in the added amount of IB family and ⅷ family elements, made Palladium alloy, can improved Palladium of mechanical performance 11. car half axis casing with seamless steel tube (GB3088-82) is manufacturing car half axis casing and the drive bridge bridge shell axis works of quality carbon pigment structure steel and alloy structure steel hot seamless steel tube Palladium alloy in the, silver about accounted for 20 – 30%, other components (as gold,) of content < 5%. BACK
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