The basic method of steel tubes derusting

with China's sustained economic development, national development of energy industry, long distance oil and gas pipeline is an important way to energy security, oil (gas) during construction of pipeline corrosion, steel surface treatment is one of the key factors in determining pipeline anti-corrosion service life, it is the combination of coating and steel pipe can be a solid premise. Verified by research institutions, coating service life depends inter alia on the coating type, coating quality and the environment and other factors, influence of surface treatment on corrosion protection of steel pipe coating life about 50% and, therefore, should be strictly in accordance with the specification requirements for surface coating, continuous exploration and summary, the continuous improvement of steel surface treatment.

1, cleaning

solvent, emulsion cleaning steel surfaces in order to remove oil, grease, dust, lubricants and similar organisms, but it cannot remove the steel rust, scale, welding, and therefore in the production of corrosion is only used as a supplementary means.

2, rust

using a wire brush and other tools for grinding of steel, to remove loose or tilt of the scale, rust, weld slag, etc. Manual tool cleaning to Sa2 class, power tool cleaning up Sa3, steel surface attached to a solid iron oxide scale, rust is not ideal, do not meet construction requirements the anchor pattern depth

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